4 Oct 2016

Improve your corporate videos by following the given tips

Visuals are a great way of getting your message across to clients. Research proves that people tend to remember what they see on screen more than anything they read. Nowadays with the advancement of technology, it is even more imperative that as a business you have videos of your products so that you can upload them on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, where you get to show your products on millions of people just by a click. So how do you make sure that you produce high quality, flawless videos of your business? Just take note of the following tips and you will not go wrong.

Have the perfect script for your video, describing every visual and audio element, just like an architect’s blueprint. Great videos are always made on paper first so ensure you have the right script before investing in time and money to make the video. Ensure that the video is short, clear, concise and compelling.

Define the target audience, making a note of their concerns and aspirations as the main reason for making a marketing video. Make a list of the benefits and show how your client’s company can solve problems, save money and address the issues of your target audience. Make sure that every element in the video focuses on these benefits rather than just promoting the product or service.

Some clients have attractive publicity photos, which you can use in your corporate video. In fact some of the best videos have been made using such photographs only. The only catch here is that the picture will only stay for a few seconds on the screen.

Although expensive to produce, motion graphics and animations can add a lot to your video. Therefore, if you are working on a tight budget, it is best to concentrate on telling a story, that addresses the needs of the audience.

Inform the press about the Corporate Video Melbourne Come up with a catchy headline that the video portrays. Send journalists in your area a press release informing them about the release of the video you have produced, alongside a link or DVD of the video. Do not forget to add client information as it is their story. This will help both you and your client’s business.

Always get a lot of close ups whilst filming. Close up shots are more compelling than wide shots. With the wide scale use of smart phones and other miniature devices, this means that more people will watch on the small screen – another important reason for close up shots. Close ups are also more cost effective to arrange, light and shoot.

A well-edited video makes a big difference in how successful a video is for you and your client. The show should move on and always be directed to the most important viewer, the client’s client. Shorter and precise videos and always better than long ones. A professional narrator and the right music are also essential. Make sure your client is involved in the editing process.

Last but not the least, never promise the client what you cannot deliver. But always deliver more than you promise. This will not only make your client happy, but he will become your customer for life and recommend your services to others.

By following the above tips, a potentially boring and uninspiring video can become something that is visually appealing and exciting to the audience.

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