1 Jul 2016

Visual Impact of Video Marketing through Different channels

The latest trend by which the whole marketing world is swearing is the use of videos for marketing purposes. And why shouldn’t they? You get two options – a one page long information on a product or service which is dull and boring and a video of 2 minutes that is crisp, to the point and interactive – which one would you like to opt for and why? Well the answer is really simple and obvious. Almost everyone will opt for the video. No one has the time or patience to go through a one page document to find out what the product or service does when they are getting the similar information in a video which happens to be interesting and catchy. As a result more and more companies are opting for video marketing to promote their products and services.

Video Marketing
But before you go ahead and launch the video, keep in mind certain factors. The first and the most important of the lot is the quality of the video. No one likes to watch a video that is full of jerks, has rough editing work done, with poor sound quality and where the pixels of the image has broken up making the video appear blurry and dull.

The second vital factor is the content of the video. Make sure that it covers all the aspects and yet it retains its crisp factor. If you think that for some reason it is failing to achieve the desired result then just highlight the USP of the product or service. But make sure that it is interesting and arresting from the first second the video starts playing. People will stop watching the video if it fails to pack in the punch. Everyone loves to feel the kick when they watch a video. You can also use an emotional feel or a feel good story or in short tell a story with a personal touch – consumers love such videos.

Make sure that you hire a professional Production Company in Melbourne to get the work done; whether it is about casting the actors in the corporate video or those who are going to film it and edit it as well. If you compromise on this aspect no matter how great a story you are telling it will flat on its face.

And finally a lot depends on the different channels where you upload the video i.e. social media sites. Facebook, twitter and YouTube are great places to begin with.

We all know the reach and coverage of all these social media sites and how they can make or break the course of your company’s future. If you are looking for an affordable yet highly effective way to create an impact on your target audience then Production Company in Melbourne is the one to opt for. And if the latest trend is anything to go by then video marketing is here to stay!